Rocket Box Candy & Soda FAQs

Welcome to Frequently Asked Questions.
We receive lots of inquiries from our customers and fans and shoppers and we would have consolidated repeat questions, and provided those answers here, to better assist you.  If you still have a question, you can contact us here.
No, We do no carry 
  • Caruso’s Dark Cream soda
  • White birch beer


 Caruso's Dark Cream - 12 oz (12 Pack) | Classic caramel, Cream soda, Cream



  •  We do have flavors like...
Boylan sparkling lemonade
Barqs rootbeer



Do you have jelly candy?

Tiktok jelly fruits in Blackridge for £2.00 for sale | Shpock


  • I'm looking for a specific candy and I was hoping that you might carry it.  It's a raspberry jelly filled ring that's chocolate covered


  • Do we have pop rocks?

yes   everywhere
  •  Do you have pop rock candy by lb.?

It's not packaged by the lb


  • do you guys sell wink soda?

 Vintage Canada Dry WINK Soda Bottle 12 oz Dated 1965 | eBay

we stock wink martindale soda.  



  • Do you have Pelon Soft Candy, Tamarindo, 

 Bulk Candy Store



  • Do y’all sell sugar daddy candy on the stick the big one?


we have the 8oz. thats the biggest


  • Do u guys have sprecher strawberry soda?


Yes, we typically carry it


  • Does local drop off mean that I need to go pick up this package?


Local drop off means you want a delivery that is within 5 mile radius of the store and we can have an employee or carrier service drive it to you and dropped off at your preferred location. This is available in Raleigh only.


  • What are all your soda flavours

 we have over 500 soda flavors.


  • Do you sell maple candy? Specifically the little maple sugar candies shaped like maple leaves?


Can I message you on Facebook?

Sure... if you're in Raleigh, use the below links.

  • Are you hiring 

Ask to speak to a manager


  • Is the Raleigh store open at 11 for inside shopping?


  • Do you have old fashion hard Christmas candy



  • Do you sell cotton candy at your Raleigh store location?

we sell prepackaged cotton candy in multiple flavors but we don't sell fresh made cotton candy like what you get at the fair.


  •   What are your Raleigh hours?

Raleigh North location hours are

10-8 monday to saturday and 10-6 on sunday.  

Check out your local Google My Business listing for updated hours and offers.



Raleigh Downtown is 11-6 everyday


  • Can I review you?

Sure... review us in Raleigh here

  • Do you carry Faygo Rock and Rye soda?


  • Do you sell M&Ms by the color? 




  • Do you you Carry a soda pop brand called Americana ?


yes everywhere


  • I’m looking for silver or black chocolate rock candies 


we can special order them


  • Do u carry jaw breakers?


yes.  everywhere



  • Tomorrow is national junk food day, are there any specials you might have that we can feature you for that tomorrow (at no cost)


Great idea!


  • What flavors of kit kats do you currently have available?

changes all the time. Check out updates on Facebook or call a local store.



  • hi, do u have any soccer themed candy




  • Hi do you carry chocolate river rocks?


We carry chocolate rocks



  • Do you carry Faygo Rock and Rye soda?




  • Do you carry any ocean themed candy?


  • I would really like to get some misty withers. Do you have those?


we can order it, but don't have any in stock


  • Do you carry the Japanese soda, Ramune?


yes .  multiple flavors


  • Do you guys do same day delivery?


Possibly.  depends on the delivery location and the staffing situation that day.  Call to request



  • I would like to know if you have Mochi and if you do what flavor is it? 



  • any finger hands in store?


  • Do you carry Jones Soda bubblegum flavor?


yes.  almost always in stock