Soda Flavors

Want a list of our soda flavors?  Here it is!  This list does not include all the flavors offered by Rocket Fizz... but here are flavors you can buy through us, here.


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Abita Root Beer Of Louisiana 4/6/12oz
Ale8One 4/6pk/12oz
Ale-8-One Cherry 24/12oz
Americana Black Cherry 12oz 24ct
Americana Cherry Cola 12oz 24ct
Americana Ginger Beer 12oz 24ct
Americana Honey Cream 12oz 24ct
Americana Honey Ginger Ale 12oz 24ct
Americana Huckleberry Soda 12oz 24ct
Americana Orange Cream 12oz 24ct
Americana Rootbeer 12oz 24ct
Anchor Ginger Root Beer
Australian Style Hot Ginger Ale 12oz 24ct
Avery’s “Totally Gross” Alien Snot 24/12oz
Avery’s “Totally Gross” Worm Ooze 12oz 24ct
Avery's "Totally Gross" Bug Barf 24/12oz
Avery's "Totally Gross" Dog Drool 12oz 24ct
Avery's "Totally Gross" Fungal Fruit 12oz 24ct
Avery's "Totally Gross" Kitty Piddle 24/12oz
Avery's "Totally Gross" Monster Mucus 12oz 24ct
Avery's "Totally Gross" Swamp Juice 24/12oz
Avery's "Totally Gross" Toxic Slime 24/12oz
Avery's "Totally Gross" Unicorn Yack 24/12oz
Avery's "Totally Gross" Zombie Brains 24/12oz
Avery's Blood Orange 24/12oz
Avery's Blue Raspberry 24/12oz
Avery's Root Beer 24/12oz
Avery's Sarsaparilla 24/12oz
Barf Soda 24/12oz
Baron’s Ginseng Ginger Ale 24/12oz
Baron's Boothill Sassparilla 24/12oz
Barq's Root Beer 12oz
Barritts Ginger Beer 12oz 24ct
Bawls Guarana Cherry 12pk/10oz
Bawls Guarana Ginger Ale 12pk/10z
Bawls Guarana Orange 12pk/10oz
Bawls Guarana Original 12/10oz
Bawls Guarana Root Beer Glass 10oz/12pk
Bawls Guarana Soda Cherry Cola 10oz/12pk
Bawls Soda Can Cherry 16oz 24ct
Bawls Soda Can Orange 16oz 24ct
Bawls Soda Can Original 16oz 24ct
Bawls Soda Can Root Beer 16oz 24ct
Bedfords Marionberry Creme 12oz 24ct
Big Red 24/12oz
Blenheim “Diet” Ginger Ale 24/12oz
Blenheim “Hot” Ginger Ale 24/12oz
Blenheim “Not As Hot” Ginger Ale 24/12oz
Boots Beverages Coconut Cream Soda
Boots Beverages Lucky Ginger
Boots Beverages Sarsaparilla Root Beer
Boylan Diet Black Cherry Soda 12oz 24ct
Boylans Birch Beeer 24/12oz
Boylans Black Cherry 24/12oz
Boylans Cane Cola 24/12oz
Boylans Creamy Red Birch Beer 24/12oz
Boylans Creme 24/12oz
Boylans Diet Cola 24/12oz
Boylans Diet Creme 24/12oz
Boylans Diet Root Beer 24/12oz
Boylans Ginger Ale 24/12oz
Boylans Grape 24/12oz
Boylans Orange 24/12oz
Boylans Root Beer 24/12oz
Boylans Shirley Temple 6/4pk/12oz
Brownie Caramel Root Beer 24/12oz
Bubble Up Longneck 24ct
Bulldog Root Beer 24/12oz
Butter Soda 24/12oz
Butterscotch Beer by Orca
Candy Cane Train 24/12oz
Cheerwine 24/12oz
Cheerwine Diet 24/12oz
Christmas Mint 24/12oz
Chumlee Root Beer
Cock Cola 24/12oz
Cock 'N Bull Cherry Ginger Beer 6/4pk 12oz
Cock 'N Bull Ginger Beer 6/4pk 12oz
Coconut Cream Lime Soda
Cookie Dough Bites Chocolate Chip Soda 12oz 24ct
Cookie Dough Bites Cookies N Cream
Cookie Dough Bites Fudge Brownie Soda
Cookie Dough Bites Red Velvet Cupcake Soda
Cream My People 24/12oz
Crush Grape Gls 12oz 24ct
Crush Orange Gls 12oz 24ct
Crush Strawberry with Cane Sugar 12oz 24ct
Dad's Blue Cream Soda 12oz 24ct
Dads Cream Soda 12oz 24ct
Dad's Diet Root Beer 24/12oz
Dad's Orange Cream 12oz 24ct
Dad's Red Cream 12oz 24ct
Dad's Root Beer 12oz 24ct
Dang! Root Beer
Death Valley Black Cherry Soda  (6/4 Pack)
Death Valley Cola  (6/4 Pack)
Death Valley Cream Soda  (6/4 Pack)
Death Valley Green Apple Soda  (6/4 Pack)
Death Valley Orange Cream Soda  (6/4 Pack)
Death Valley Root Beer  (6/4 Pack)
Death Valley Sasparilla  (6/4 Pack)
Dirt Soda 24/12oz
Dog N Suds Root Beer
Doomsday Lemonade
Dr. Brown's Black Cherry Soda 24/12oz
Dr. Brown's CelRay Soda 24/12oz
Dr. Brown's Cream Soda 24/12oz
Dr. Brown's Diet Black Cherry 24/12oz
Dr. Brown's Diet Cream Soda 24/12oz
Dr. Brown's Ginger Ale 24/12oz
Dr. Brown's Root Beer 24/12oz
Dr. Pepper 24/12oz
Dublin Cherry Limeade
Dublin Fru Fru Berry
Dublin Ginger Ale
Dublin Orange Dream
Dublin Retro Grape
Dublin Tart N Sweet Lemonade
Dublin Texas Red Creme
Dublin Texas Root Beer
Dublin Texas Sweet Peach
Dublin Vanilla Cream
Dublin Vintage Cola
Earps Sarsaparilla 12oz 24ct
Fairy Princess Shirley Temple 24/12oz
Farrah Fawcett Cream Soda
Faygo Creme Soda 4/6pk/12oz
Faygo Grape 4/6pk/12oz
Faygo Orange 4/6pk/12oz
Faygo Red Pop 4/6pk/12oz
Faygo Rock N Rye Soda 4/6pk/12oz
Faygo Root Beer 4/6pk/12oz
Fentimans Cherry Cola 6/4pk
Fentimans Dandelion & Burdock 9.3oz/24pk
Fentimans Ginger Beer 9.3oz/24pk
Fentimans Mandarin & Seville Orange Jigger 6/4pk
Fentimans Victorian Lemonade 6/4pk
Filberts Banana Soda 24/12oz
Filberts Blue Raspberry Soda 24/12oz
Filberts Cream Soda 24/12oz
Filberts Pineapple Soda 24/12oz
Filberts Root Beer 24/12oz
Filberts Watermelon Soda 24/12oz
Firemans Brew Black Cherry 24/12oz
Fitz’s Berry Pomegranate 24/12oz
Fitz's Black Cherry 24/12oz
Fitz's Cardinal Cream 24/12oz
Fitz's Coffee Soda 24/12oz
Fitz's Cream Soda 24/12oz
Fitz's Ginger Ale 24/12oz
Fitz's Ginger Beer 24/12oz
Fitz's Grape Pop 24/12oz
Fitz's Hip Hop Pop 24/12oz
Fitz's Key Lime Soda 24/12oz
Fitz's Orange Cream 24/12oz
Fitz's Root Beer 24/12oz
Fitz's Strawberry Pop 24/12oz
Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer 6/4pk/12oz
Frostie Blue Cream 24/12oz
Frostie Cherry Limeade 24/12oz
Frostie Diet Root Beer 24/12oz
Frostie Grape Soda 24/12oz
Frostie Green Apple 24/12oz
Frostie Orange Soda 24/12oz
Frostie Root Beer 24/12oz
Frostie Strawberry/Watermelon 24/12oz
Frostie Vanilla Root Beer 24/12oz
Frostop Orange Cream
Frostop Root Beer
Frostop Vanilla Caramel Cream
Gales Root Beer 24/12oz
Gene Autry Root Beer 24/12oz
Gourmet Chocolate Banana Soda
Gourmet Chocolate Peanut Butter Soda
Gourmet Chocolate Strawberry Soda
Gourmet Natural Chocolate Soda
Grapefruit Kiss 24/12oz
Grass Soda 12oz 24ct
Green River Soda 4/6pk/12oz
Gross Gus’s Bloody Nose 24/12oz
Gross Gus’s Dinosaur Dung 12oz 24ct
Gross Gus's Dragon Drool 12oz 24ct
Gross Gus's Pimple Pop 24/12oz
Gross Gus's Pirate Piss 12oz 24ct
Hank's Birch Beer 24/12oz
Hank's Diet Root Beer 6/4pk/12oz
Hank's Gourmet Black Cherry 6/4pk/12oz
Hank's Gourmet Orange Cream 6/4pk/12oz
Hank's Gourmet Root Beer 6/4pk/12oz
Hank's Gourmet Vanilla Cream 6/4pk/12oz
Howdy Cherry Jubilee Soda 12oz 24ct
Howdy Lemon Lime Soda 12oz 24ct
IBC Black Cherry
IBC Cherry Limeade 12oz 24ct
IBC Cream Soda
IBC Diet Root Beer
IBC Root Beer
Jackson Hole Buckin Root Beer 6/4pk/12oz
Jackson Hole Cherokee Cherry Vanilla 6/4pk/12oz
Jackson Hole Cowboy Cream 6/4pk/12oz
Jackson Hole Ginger Beer 24/12oz
Jackson Hole Huckleberry 6/4pk/12oz
Jackson Hole Snake River Sarsaparilla 6/4pk/12oz
Jackson Hole Strawberry Rhubarb 6/4pk/12oz
Jackson Hole Western Watermelon 6/4pk/12oz
Jarritos Mandarin Orange 12oz 24ct
Jersey Cream Soda 12oz 24ct
Jic Jac Black Cherry 12oz 24ct
Jic Jac Blue Raspberry 12oz 24ct
Jic Jac Grape 12oz 24ct
Jic Jac Strawberry 12oz 24ct
John 5 Limeaid
John Lemonade 24/12oz
Johnnie Ryan Birch Beer 6/4pk/12oz
Johnnie Ryan Black Cherry 6/4pk/12oz
Johnnie Ryan Cherry 6/4pk/12oz
Johnnie Ryan Cola 6/4pk/12oz
Johnnie Ryan Cream Soda 6/4pk/12oz
Johnnie Ryan Diet Cola 6/4pk/12oz
Johnnie Ryan Diet Root Beer 6/4pk/12oz
Johnnie Ryan Ginger Ale 6/4pk/12oz
Johnnie Ryan Grape 6/4pk/12oz
Johnnie Ryan Orange 6/4pk/12oz
Johnnie Ryan Root Beer 6/4pk/12oz
Jones Berry Lemonade 2/12ct/12oz
Jones Blue Bubblegum 4/6pk/12oz
Jones Cream 4/6pk/12oz
Jones Crushed Melon 12oz 12ct
Jones Fu Fu Berry 4/6pk/12oz
Jones Green Apple 4/6pk/12oz
Jones Lemon-Lime 12pk/12oz
Jones Orange & Cream 4/6pk/12oz
Jones Root Beer 2/12ct/12oz
Jones Soda Ginger Beer
Jones Soda Pure Cane Sugar Cola
Jones Soda Zilch Black Cherry
Jones Strawberry Lime 4/6pk/12oz
Jones Sugar Free Cream Soda 12/12oz
Jones Sugar Free Strawberry-Lime 12/12oz
Judge Wapner Root Beer 24/12oz
Kickapoo 24/12oz
King Kong Cola 24/12oz
Lemmy 12oz 24ct
Lester's Fixins Bacon Soda 12oz 24ct
Lester's Fixins Bacon with Maple Syrup Soda 12oz 24ct
Lester's Fixins Buffalo Wing Soda 12oz 24ct
Lester's Fixins Chocolate Bacon 12oz 24ct   
Lester's Fixins Coffee Soda 12oz 24ct
Lesters Fixins Cucumber Soda 12oz 24ct
Lesters Fixins Maple Syrup Soda
Lesters Fixins Mustard Soda 12oz 24ct
Lester's Fixins Peanut Butter and Jelly 12oz 24ct
Lester's Fixins Pickle Juice Soda 12oz 24ct
Lester's Fixins Pumpkin Pie Soda 12oz 24ct
Lester's Fixins Ranch Dressing 12oz 24ct
Lester's Fixins Sweet Corn Soda 12oz 24ct
Lester's Mustard 24/12oz
Macfuddy 12oz 24ct
Martian Soda - Abduction Plum
Martian Soda - Mars Kumquat
Martian Soda  Martian Poop Marionberry 12oz 24ct
Martian Soda  Radioactive Mulberry 12oz 24ct
Melba’s Fixins Carrot Cake 12oz 24ct
Melba’s Fixins Coffee Cake 12oz 24ct
Melba's Fixins Apple Pie Soda 12oz 24ct
Melba's Fixins Birthday Cake 12oz 24ct
Melbas Fixins Butterscotch Candy
Melba's Fixins Cherries and Cream Soda 12oz 24ct
Melba's Fixins Key Lime Pie Soda 12oz 24ct
Melba's Fixins Lemon Meringue Pie Soda 12oz 24ct
Melba's Fixins Peaches and Cream 12oz 24ct
Melba's Fixins Strawberries and Cream Soda 12oz 24ct
Melba's Fixins Strawberry Shortcake 12oz 24ct
Mexican 7UP 12ct/12oz
Mexican Coca Cola 24/12oz
Mexican Fanta 24/12oz
Mexican Fanta Grape 12oz 24ct
Mexican Fanta Pineapple 12oz 24ct
Mexican Fanta Strawberry 12oz 24ct
Mexican Sprite 24/12oz
Mexican Squirt 12ct/12oz
Mexicana Cola 24/12oz
Mexipepsi 24/350ml
Mighty Mouse Blue Cream 12oz 24ct
Misty Withers Ginger Beer
Moxie Elixir 24/12oz
Mr. Cola 12oz 24ct
Nehi Grape 24/12oz
Nehi Orange 24/12oz
Nehi Peach 24/12oz
Nesbitt's Honey Lemonade 12oz 24ct
Nesbitt's Orange Soda 24/12oz
Nesbitt's Peach Soda 24/12oz
Nesbitt's Strawberry 24/12oz
Nichol Kola 24/12oz
Nuclear Orange Bomb Orange Soda 12oz 24ct
Nugrape Soda 24/12oz
Oogave’ Citrus Paradisi 6/4pk/12oz
Oogave’ Cola 6/4pk/12oz
Oogave’ Jamaica 6/4pk/12oz
Oogave’ Limonada 6/4pk/12oz
Oogave’ Mango Tamarindo 6/4pk/12oz
Oogave’ Sarsaparilla 6/4pk/12oz
Oogave’ Strawberry Rhubarb 6/4pk/12oz
Oogave’ Watermelon Cream 6/4pk/12oz
Original New York Seltzer Black Cherry 6/4pk/10oz
Original New York Seltzer Blueberry 6/4pk/10oz
Original New York Seltzer Lemon Lime 6/4pk/10oz
Original New York Seltzer Peach 6/4pk/10oz
Original New York Seltzer Raspberry 6/4pk/10oz
Original New York Seltzer Root Beer 6/4pk/10oz
Original New York Seltzer Vanilla Cream 6/4pk/10oz
O-SO Butterscotch Rootbeer 12oz 24ct
O-So Cherry Soda 12oz 24ct
O-So Grape 12oz 24ct
O-So Orange 12oz 24ct
O-So Strawberry 12oz 24ct
Ozark Mountain Butter Beer 12oz 24ct
Ozark Mountain Cream
Ozark Mountain Grape
Ozark Mountain Lemonade
Ozark Mountain Lemonade 24/12oz
Ozark Mountain Orange Cream
Ozark Mountain Orange Cream 24/12oz
Ozark Mountain Rootbeer
Ozark Mountain The Smuggles Run - Tropical
O-Zell Cherry Jubilee
O-Zell Grape Moments
O-Zell Orange Dream Sicle
O-Zell Pineapple Whip
O-Zell Rootbeer Float
O-Zell Vanilla Dream
Peanut Butter Soda 24/12oz
Pete's Pumpkin Patch Soda 24/12oz
Pig Iron Cola 12oz 24ct
Polar Classics Black Cherry 4/6pk/11.5oz
Polar Classics Orange Cream 4/6pk/11.5oz
Polar Classics Root Beer 4/6pk/11.5oz
Polar Classics Vanilla Cream 4/6pk/11.5oz
Ramblin Root Beer
Ramune Grape Soda 18ct
Ramune Lychee 18ct
Ramune Melon Glass Bottles 18ct
Ramune Orange Soda 18ct
Ramune Peach 18ct
Ramune Soda 18ct
Ramune Strawberry Soda 18ct
Ramune Yuzu 36 ct
Reading Draft Birch Beer Soda
Reading Draft Black Cherry Soda
Reading Draft Blueberry Birch 12ct/12oz
Reading Draft Grapefruit Citrus
Reading Draft Orange Cream Soda
Reading Draft Root Beer 12ct/12oz
Reading Draft Root Beer Soda
Reading Draft Sarsaparilla 12ct/12oz
Reading Draft Sarsparilla Soda
Reading Draft Vanilla Cream 12ct/12oz
Reading Draft Vanilla Cream Soda
Reading Draft White Birch 12ct/12oz
Red Arrow Root Beer 12oz 24ct
Red Rock Golden Ginger Ale 24/12oz
Reed's Extra Ginger Brew 24/12oz
Reeds Ginger Beer Stronger Ginger
Reeds Ginger Brew Extra Ginger Light 12oz 24ct
Reed's Original Ginger Brew 24/12oz
Reed's Premium Ginger Brew 24/12oz
Rocket Fizz Banana Nut
Rocket Fizz Black Cherry
Rocket Fizz Black Licorice
Rocket Fizz Blue Cream
Rocket Fizz Bubble Gum Soda
Rocket Fizz Cherry Cola
Rocket Fizz Chocolate 12oz 24ct   
Rocket Fizz Cinnamon
Rocket Fizz Cotton Candy
Rocket Fizz Energized Boosted Root Beer
Rocket Fizz Grape
Rocket Fizz Green Apple Jalapeno
Rocket Fizz Key Lime
Rocket Fizz Marshmallow
Rocket Fizz Marshmallow 24/12oz
Rocket Fizz Orange Cream
Rocket Fizz Peach
Rocket Fizz Pineapple
Rocket Fizz Red Licorice
Rocket Fizz Rocket Fuel Soda - Energy Drink
Rocket Fizz Root Beer Float
Rocket Fizz Shirley Temple
Rocket Fizz Smores
Rocket Fizz Strawberries & Cream
Rocket Fizz Watermelon
Rocky Mountain Birch Beer 24/12oz
Rocky Mountain Black Cherry 24/12oz
Rocky Mountain Blackberry 24/12oz
Rocky Mountain Cola 24/12oz
Rocky Mountain Evergreen Elderberry 24/12oz
Rocky Mountain Ginger Beer 24/12oz
Rocky Mountain Grape 24/12oz
Rocky Mountain LemonLimeade 24/12oz
Rocky Mountain Orange Cream 24/12oz
Rocky Mountain Peaches and Cream 24/12oz
Rocky Mountain Prickly Pear  24/12oz
Rocky Mountain Root Beer 24/12oz
Route 66 Black Cherry Soda
Route 66 Blu Raspberri Soda
Route 66 Cream Soda
Route 66 Grape Soda
Route 66 Lime Soda
Route 66 Orange Soda
Route 66 Root Beer
Rowdy Roddy Piper Bubble Gum 24/12oz   
Seal Ya Later Cola
Sioux City Birch Beer 6/4pk 12oz
Sioux City Cream Soda 6/4pk 12oz
Sioux City Orange Cream 24/12oz
Sioux City Prickly Pear 6/4pk 12oz
Sioux City Root Beer 24/12oz
Sioux City Sarsaparilla 6/4pk 12oz
Soda Boy Caramel Cream 12oz 24ct
Soda Boy Strawberry Soda
Spiffy Cola 24/12oz
Sprecher Blueberry 6/4pk/16oz
Sprecher Cherry Cola 6/4pk/16oz
Sprecher Cherry Cranberry Soda 16oz 24ct
Sprecher Cream 6/4pk/16oz
Sprecher Ginger Ale 6/4pk/12oz
Sprecher Gorilla Grape 6/4pk/16oz
Sprecher Low Calorie Root Beer 6/4pk/12oz
Sprecher Orange Dream 6/4pk/12oz
Sprecher Puma Kola 6/4pk/12oz
Sprecher Raspberry 6/4pk/16oz
Sprecher Ravin Red 6/4pk/12oz
Sprecher Red Apple 6/4pk/16oz
Sprecher Rootbeer 6/4pk/12oz
Sprecher Seasonal Red Apple
Sprecher Strawberry 6/4pk/16oz
Sprecher Watermelon (Limited/Seasonal Release) 24/16oz
Stalinade 24/12oz
Super Duper Pineapple Soda
Tahoe Blue Cream 24/12oz
The Monkees Banana Nut Soda 24/12oz
The Smugglers Run - Tropical Soda 24/12oz
The Three Stooges "Wise Guy" Root Beer 24/12oz
Thomas Kemper Black Cherry 4/6pk/12oz
Thomas Kemper Creme 4/6pk/12oz
Thomas Kemper Ginger Ale 4/6pk/12oz
Thomas Kemper Root Beer 4/6pk/12oz
Triple Cola 24/12oz
Triple XXX Root Beer Original 12oz 24ct
Tyler The Kid Sarsaparilla 24/12oz
Vernors Origial Ginger Soda 24/12oz
Virgil's Black Cherry Cream Soda 6/4pk/12oz
Virgil's Cream Soda 24/12oz
Virgil's Orange 6/4pk/12oz
Virgil's Root Beer 24/12oz
WBC Chicago Style Root Beer 6/4pk/12oz (Goose Island)
WBC Spicy Ginger 6/4pk/12oz (Goose Island)
Wink Martindale's Orange Passion Fuit Guava 24/12oz
Wizard Of Oz Cherry Cola 24/12oz
Yoo-Hoo Chocolate Drink 15.5oz 24ct